We must overcome the notion that we must be regular... it robs you of the chance to be extraordinary.
— Uta Hagen

Victoria Brown grew up in the weirdest city in the world: Austin, TX. Surrounded by an eclectic mix of art, music, and people, it’s no surprise she fell in love with performing. Her love of the arts followed her through middle and high school, and stayed with her throughout college at Rider University, where she is projected to graduate in the Spring of 2019 with her BFA in Musical Theatre.


Besides singing, dancing, and acting, Victoria has a great passion for reading anything and everything she can get her hands on (her favorite book at the moment is The Girl With All The Gifts by M. R. Carey), and is always looking for new recommendations. She loves to write short stories and poetry, as well as doodle whenever she runs out of ideas. She also has a passion for animals, especially her Maltipoo, Tye.